The F & M State Bank offers a broad spectrum of financial services.
For home, business, education, and retirement - contact F & M State Bank!
Regular Checking
NOW Checking
Business Checking
Statement Savings
MMDA Savings
Traditional IRA
Roth IRA
Coverdell ESA
1-Year - minimum $1,000 3-Month - minimum $1,000
2-Year - minimum $1,000
3-Year - minimum $1,000
4-Year - minimum $1,000 5-Year - minimum $1,000
Agricultural Loans
Commercial Loans
Consumer Loans
Real Estate Loans
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MasterCard Debit Cards from F & M State Bank are available for use with your checking account.  For added security, please use your personal identification (PIN) number whenever possible.  We also recommend using the CardValet app - download in your app store!

Visa Credit Cards from F & M State Bank are available with attractive rates.  Register your card online to view transactions, pay online, and much more!  Visit

Our safe deposit boxes give you a safe and secure place to store all your valuables and important papers.

Free notary service is available at both our locations.

We offer wire services for electronically sending or receiving funds.  Please call us today for wiring instructions.  Fees apply for outgoing wires.

F & M State Bank generates downloadable image statements for your accounts at the end of each month.  Just one of the many benefits when you enroll in F & M State Bank Online Banking!

Employers - save check writing - let us do your payroll electronically!  Payroll is automatically cleared immediately through your account for easy reconciliation.  Fees apply - contact us for more information.

Do you have financial information you need to send us?  Here you can securely upload your financial documents quickly and easily.  Just click on this link, fill out the form, choose the recipient, browse to your files, and upload!

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